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Ram Nanjundappa

I got information on whether a surgery was needed for my fractured hand also got the costs and the fight options for my budget within a few hours.

Anand K

"OrthoXchange brought a ray of hope in my life". At a crucial time, where we had no proper guidance, they provided access to the Specialist Doctors and helped me find the best possible treatment available that too at a cost almost 70% lower than earlier options.

Mohana Rani

A letter by Mohana Rani's daughter.

Mrs. Agarwal

Mrs. Agarwal speaking about her experience

Shree Ram

Shree Ram speaking about his experience

Ayan Dutta

Ayan Dutta speaking about his experience

Soumo Baral

Being in medical condition that requires Surgery is always difficult. When it involves our parents it is even more difficult as insurance coverage is not the best. CancerXchange helped us understand our options, the type of implants that are possible for pacemaker and also helped us reduce the cost significantly. I have already recommended them to my friends and family


Our son had fever that was unrelenting for more than 10 days. We knew of Surgerxchange as a platform that mostly facilitates Surgeries. We approached them to see if they can help. In getting us to the right facility and clinician, we identified the cause and the treatment was effective. All our costs were within the right range despite being in a tier 1 hospital. They were always available to us through the stay at the hospital if we needed help.


Two months ago we had a patient come to us with a very unique situation. She had been suffering from ITP for for over 2 years. ITP is immunological condition that can reduce the blood count to significantly low levels. She developed lesions on her skin which caused doctors to believe that it could be ortho. She consulted leading doctors at a hospital that is a cancer specific treatment center. The doctors there ran tests and also did a biopsy of the bone marrow. Platelet count was running down to dangerously low levels of less than 10000. She of course needed immediate hospitalization. She was admitted to one hospital and later on moved to another multi specialty hospital based on the doctors advice. Bone marrow was repeated twice during this time. The first one was negative and the second one was indicating something close to malignancy. As the doctors suspected her to have cancer they chose this evidence enough to put her through 6 rounds of chemo and perhaps followed by radiation. In all she had seen three specialist cancer centers and everyone knew her existing ITP condition. She was still not sure. And, how could she be? There was no conclusive evidence yet. Her husband was introduced to us by someone who you knew of the services offered by #OrthoXchange. The husband spoke to us and said this. "I know the gravity of cancer. But while I am worried about it that is my secondary concern now. I know that there is in not enough evidence of cancer. All I want and actually pray is that I am putting her through the the right treatment. Can you help?" We gave him the options of online consultation or hospital facilitation. We proposed a hospital near Yelahanka, Bangalore. He was not sure as it was very far and was worried that they may actually run another biopsy. We spoke to the doctor and gave him the background. We told the patient to go with the reports only. The doctor called the lab in Mumbai and asked if the samples were still there and he did order another biopsy. The Husband was right. But the doc had saved the day for him and his wife. She had no traces of cancer and it continues to be a result of her ITP. The husband called and said he could not thank us enough. #OrthoXchange made no money on this deal but we had stuck to our commitment of Patient first, Patient always. We are glad that our hospital facilitation platform has helped several patients get the right choice and are able to make right decisions and also reduce costs significantly.